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Towing Encinitas Can Fix Your Flat Fast

Imagine if you are driving alone at night and suddenly your tire blows. This can be a horrifying experience, even if you know how to change the tire yourself.
It may seem like a daunting task to have to change the tire yourself, but Towing Encinitas can provide you with the help you need in 11 easy steps.

  1. Take out the jack and make sure it is firmly under the car’s frame
  2. Use the lever to raise the jack just enough to support the car
  3. Remove the hub cap
  4. Only loosen the lug nuts at first
  5. Raise the jack again to lift the tire off the ground
  6. Remove the lug nuts entirely
  7. Remove the tire from the hub
  8. Put the spare tire on the hub
  9. Firmly tighten all of the lug nuts
  10. Lower your car onto the ground
  11. Remove the jack

Be Sure You Can Do It Yourself

Now that you’ve seen these 11 simple steps to changing a flat tire, you can be confident enough in your ability to do it. In precarious situations like flat tires, Towing Encinitas is there for you and can help you help yourself.