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All cars come with a jacks, wrenches, spare tires and other accessories which may come in handy in case of a flat tire. The only thing missing sometimes is someone who can put all these tool to use. This is why at Towing Encinitas we offer a 24/7 flat tire change service.

Flat Tire Change and Modern Day Motoring

In the past almost all drivers could change a flat, it was common to be instructed how to do it by driving instructors and/or your father, older brother etc. Today most drivers, when confronted by a flat tire, realize they cannot solve the situation themselves.
At Towing Encinitas we know that road conditions have improved, vehicles require less maintenance from drivers themselves (all servicing is done by professional mechanics at auto shops) and we all have become less “hands on” and more hi-tech oriented.
All these factors combined mean it is quite likely that a driver (man or woman) will be happy to be able to call a pro road side assistance tech to help with a flat tire change.

What to Expect When you Call for a Flat Tire Change Service

It is estimated that an average driver will encounter a flat tire once every three years or so. If you are among the many who would rather not have to change a tire yourselves you will probably opt to call for a flat tire change service rather than asking passersby for assistance or calling a friend or relative.

At Towing Encinitas we know what you hope to get when you are in this situation. You want a professional tech to arrive quickly, be service oriented (if not all together friendly) and efficiently do what needs to be done so that you can get on with your day.
This is why you can call on us 24/7 and we will be there to assist you in 30 min tops. Our techs are all pros, they will be sympathetic and polite, you may even find them charming. Our honest pricing policy means you are charged only for to the time and effort we provide.

Our Road side Assistance Services include:

  • Flat Tire Change (for punctures or blowouts)
  • Jump starts and battery charges for dead battery situations
  • Gas filling if you are stranded just because you ran out of gas
  • Off Road Recovery
  • Any other roadside assistance you may require
  • Auto Towing Services